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We are Chinese manufacturer established in 1994 in Guangzhou GD , a booming area in China. We run a factory located in Panyu district specializing in CNC machining mechanical parts for domestic and overseas market.

The founder and CEO Mr Huang of the company is an expert in the field of machining of mechanical parts . He granulated in prestigious mechanical institute and worked in field for more than 25 years . Lead by Mr. Huang, our company is expanding year by year, serving more and more customers including some giant such as GOAST group.  With rich experience, we can manage to use the most reasonable solution for machining the parts, such as by improving CNC programming and material choosing, in order to reduce production and then save money for our customers.

We focus now our business on the CNC Swiss type precision machining, aiming to build an advantage in this field and offer more valuable service to our customers. For this purpose, we equipped our factory step by step with latest and advanced CNC machines of Swiss type mainly from years ago.  With the developing of our business , we will continue to equip our factory with updated machines in the future.  

The main capabilities of our machines are tuning with secondary capability including milling, cross-tapping slotting,  cross-drilling, back drilling, thread screw.

All of our Swiss type machines accompany with automatic materials loaders, this enable the machines keep working all night or on weekend when workers are off work. Production efficiency will be high.

Our machines ensure close tolerance and very smooth surface finished for the parts.  It is the ideal choice for the precision parts which need strict requirement in diameters , particularly small parts in big quantity, due to the high efficiency in production. Our machines are more suitable  for production in big volume, however generally, we do not ask for the minimum order size . We understand that in some case, the customer requires small quantity of parts for new project development. We will be ready to support such requirement, in hope that we can become one of the supplier of the customer when product success in the future.

To become more valuable supplier to our customers,  for some markets, such as North America, we will try best to manage DDP or DAP( if DDP not workable) shipping ( excluding some special case ) , in this case,  our customers will eliminate the matter in the shipment , and get more accurate calculation in purchase cost of the parts .

We keep improving our service and our capacity, aiming to satisfy our customers with parts of higher quality at lower price, achieving win-win cooperation !